I rather betray the world, than let it betray me..

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boops ~ everything okay there?

( not really.. but it’s okay… )

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( thanks for anons and everyone for these worried and supporting messages but I don’t think I’ll be like you always knew me, and maybe I’ll be leaving soon! )

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Hey. I’m just curious, but… Reblog with your mun’s faceclaim?











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twisted ankle :<



W-welcome back Senpai!!

imageNo im noooot…
i- i.. will be careful next time……..

( hmm.. I see but… why I would want to know If you’re going to be more careful or not? )

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Oh wait err  right..that’s right, sorry I mean lord Yeye sir. " she fixed her mistake or what she thought was the error. seeing her grandfather walk she happily joined by tagging along  right behind him as his shadow  while trying remain as serious as he was usually.

- hearing her trying to fix what she said, he just let a sigh to escape his lips. he reached to the nearest chair to sit, offering another one to his granddaughter - 

” so you came here just to see me? ” - he asked -

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'' Glynda my wish ''



"M-my wsh.. w-what do you mean..?"

Glynda felt more safer when she knew there were troops around them to help them around. She kept the flashlight ahead of them to show the path but her gaze went to the sides of the walls.

" It still looks the same as the way I remember it."

” If you think it is, then you should be cautious to not fall  - he said jokingly but still he really meant it when he told her to keep her cautious 

- Cao Cao kept on walking forward, he took a look at the walls too but his thoughts were opposite of hers - ” for me it doesn’t look the same, at least not that much.. ” - he paused as he stopped to take a further look at the walls - ” I think we’ll have a company here ” - he warned her indirectly not wanting the guards to freak out. the scratches on the walls didn’t seem to be caused by animals nor humans, he just hoped that his thoughts are wrong -

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Some had met the conqueror


“Hello Yeye, I- well i just wanted see you. was i wrong come because your busy to visit too?”

She answered her grandfather’s question but her face was lit up in seeing the grandfather she adored like her father. sapphire irises stared in curiosity wondering if she did right thing coming here without writing letter or any warning him first since he was an ruler and a busy man. 

” Yeye..? ” - he raised an eyebrow in wonder but his expressions turned to normal as quick as it could be -

- Mengde’s answer wasn’t more than a shook with his head, he turned his back to the girl entering the room again as a sign for her to come in too, Cao Cao was known with his silence, he wouldn’t talk unless it’s important and necessary - 

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ambitious-conqueror I married Cao Cao in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empries Is that bad?? XD

( well, it won’t be bad If it is you but… won’t you make someone here to feel jealous~? - smirking - )

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Because everything is better with sunglasses~

*I think I’m having too much fun here*

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Some had met the conqueror

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- noticing the presence of Mangde’s visitors, he put the scroll down, walked into the door to open it slightly. and as always the sharpness of his features never failed to make people mistake it with anger - 

” what is that you desire by coming here to me alone..? ” 

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HELLO Great person. Once you get this message you should tag and say who is the 10 Tumblr users you did not RP with but you would like to do that.


( - sighs - where you anons come from…! anyway, there’s a few people who I’d like to RP with since they’re Role playing some of my favorite characters and here they’re: 





that’s what I can remember for now… )

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工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪! Send this to 10 blogs that you love and you will never unfollow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥


( would it be strange If I said that I’m not surprised..?! )

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